Need a place to sit down?  Want to take a break from all the newfangled Hollywood flicks at the cineplex?  Feel like watching something entertaining and educational?

Well then, visit the auditorium in the main gallery!  Sorry, no food or drink.  

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A PBS documentary by Caldera Productions

Monday-Saturday 10:15 AM;

Sunday 3:30 PM

With the national campaign for a women’s suffrage amendment stalled, the thinly populated Wyoming Territory in 1869 became the first in the modern world to recognize a woman’s unqualified right to vote. Much of the American West would soon follow suit. Colorful frontier characters, a volatile mix of motives, and the caprice of history drive this story of women's suffrage that takes place a full 50 years before the U.S. Government passed the 19th Amendment. This film is a shortened version of the 2020 Heartland Emmy nominated Wyoming PBS and Caldera Production documentary by the same title. Runtime: 20 minutes

Stay tuned afterward for the arrival of the 1526 steam engine to the Museum of the Great Plains!

Standing Bear.jpg


A PBS documentary by Christine Lesiak

Monday-Saturday 10:45 AM and 3:00 PM;

Sunday 2:30 PM

Standing Bear’s Footsteps is the story of an Indian chief who went to court to prove he was a person—and in the process redefined what it means to be an American. In 1877, the Ponca people were exiled from their Nebraska homeland to Indian Territory in present-day Oklahoma. To honor his dying son’s last wish to be buried in his homeland, Chief Standing Bear set off on a grueling, six-hundred-mile journey home. Captured en-route, Standing Bear sued a famous U.S. army general for his freedom–choosing to fight injustice not with weapons, but with words. The Chief stood before the court to prove that an Indian was a person under the law. The story quickly made newspaper headlines–attracting powerful allies, as well as enemies. Runtime: 55 minutes



An Upstream Productions documentary by Sandra Osawa

Monday-Saturday 11:45 AM and 4:00 PM;

Sunday 4:00 PM

Maria Tallchief's Indian name means "woman of two worlds" and this documentary deftly weaves together the different worlds of Tallchief, including ballet and her Osage Indian heritage. Breathtaking clips of this legendary dancer document not only the birth of ballet in America, but Tallchief's inspiring journey to become America's first prima ballerina.

Runtime: 57 minutes

The Drift - FILM POSTER.jpg


A Caldera Productions documentary by Geoff O'Gara

Monday-Saturday 12:45 PM

Cowboy. The word is synonymous with the mythology of the American West, and lives and breathes as the wild, stoic and fiercely independent men and women that run cattle in Wyoming’s Green River Drift. Follow the 100 mile journey into the majestic Rocky Mountains while unearthing a history that has spanned over 100 years of ups and downs and now modern challenges that threaten the cowboy and ranchers way of life forever.

Runtime: 56 minutes

Where Did the Horny Toads Go Poster.jpg


A Jar of Grasshoppers documentary by Stefanie Leland

Monday-Saturday 1:45 PM;

Sunday 1:15 PM

All over the Southwestern United States there exists a shared memory that spans generations, yet with each passing decade that memory fades. "Where Did the Horny Toad Go?" embarks on a journey through history and across the Southwest to rediscover the endearing and unusual Texas Horned Lizard. Ultimately we will discover how this lizard's decline is linked to numerous other species in peril, learn why species conservation is crucial to our planet's survival, and understand how we can be a part of the solution....even though we may be part of the problem.

Runtime: 74 minutes