The museum is in the process of repairing the mobile shelving unit that holds archival material and the photo collection. A significant portion of the photos and archival materials have been moved to a separate location in the building, but are not accessible for retrieval at this time. For this reason, access to the physical archives will be postponed until further notice.
Repairs will begin this month (May 2022) and archival material will be returned to the shelving unit after the project is finished. We will provide updates as the project progresses and we thank you for your patience during this time.

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Paper of all kinds

Books, scrapbooks, newspapers, receipts, photographs, diaries, maps....  If it's made of paper, then we probably have one - and possibly thousands.  Just think of all the paper airplanes we could make.  

If you're looking for something related to Lawton, Southwest Oklahoma, western Oklahoma, Oklahoma in general, the Southern Plains - well, you get the picture - check us out.